Feel both relaxed and energized …

Prepare for a good stretch

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage comes from the Eastern philosophy of yoga, and many styles of Thai massage exist. Hibiscus Massage combines traditional Thai yoga massage (Nuad Boran) and modern “osteo-Thai » techniques.

Thai massage aims to restore the natural balance of your body by working the sen lines, or energy lines. It uses acupressure, yoga-style stretches and gentle rocking movements. Tight muscles and stiff joints relax to gain greater range of motion.

You are fully clothed and lying on a padded mat on the floor. The practitioner uses hands, elbows, knees, legs and feet, to stretch you in a similar way to a yoga session. Hence the name “Thai yoga massage”.

The pressure can be gentle or firm, and will stay within your comfort zone. Likewise, stretches are deep but done with care. The massage is never painful and your safety is always in mind. You’ll be able to completely relax and your body won’t be pushed beyond its limits.

Thai massage includes many techniques so we can adapt it, regardless of your age, size or level of mobility.

In the West, Thai massage is jokingly called “yoga for lazy people”. You get the benefits of yoga without any of the effort. All you need to do is breathe!

Who benefits most from Thai massage?

Thai massage is ideal if you have tight muscles and want to improve your flexibility and posture.

It’s great for manual laborers, sports people and those who work on a computer or drive a lot. It’s also suitable for older clients as it increases mobility.

For long-term improvements in range of motion, you’ll need a few sessions.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow you to stretch. A long-sleeved top and a pair of long sports trousers are ideal.

1h30 – € 70    2h – € 90

Choose thai massage if you want to:

  • Improve your flexibility and posture
  • Feel both relaxed and energized
  • Have a massage in lots of different positions
  • Keep your clothes on for your massage
  • Have an oil-free massage
  • Feel the benefits of doing yoga without any effort

What Do Thai Massage Clients Say?

I tried out the Thai massage and I emphasize the approach of Tanya in her care, which is very professional and committed. All this in a pleasant environment both inside and outside. Regular Thai massage is a source of well-being and joint relaxation in respect of mobility. As an Osteopath, I recommend it.
François Olive
Tanya practices Thai massage with efficiency and professionalism. This massage involves stretching and pressure points all over the body. A real experience not to be missed! I’m only going to have this massage now, and I recommend it 100% to everyone living in or passing through the Ubaye valley.
Arnaud Dulac
Don’t hesitate to experience the expert hands of Tanya, and be amazed by the Thai massage! Thank you for this great time and for your kind and warm welcome!
Amélie Zert
Tanya is very professional and attentive. The Thai massage is of high quality. An excellent moment of relaxation in a magnificent setting with a view of the beautiful mountains.
Julien Goussu
I had a Thai massage to ease my aches after four days of skiing and I came out completely relieved. Very good massage, I highly recommend it!
Vincent Brousset
Thanks to Hibiscus Massage for this moment of relaxation in an idyllic setting. The Thai massage was perfectly done, I already know that I will come back!
Bastien Massias